Trenabol Inj BD 10 x 1ml

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Alternative names: Trenabolic, Parabolan, Trenbolone Acetate
Packaging: 10 x amp 80mg/1ml
Supplier: British Dragon
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Description: Trenabol (Trenbolone) has both anabolic and androgenic effects. Once metabolized, the drugs have the effect of increasing ammonium ion uptake by muscles, leading to an increase in the rate of protein synthesis. It may also have the secondary effects of stimulating appetite and decreasing the rate of catabolism, as all anabolic steroids are believed to; however, catabolism likely increases significantly once the steroid is no longer taken. At least one study in rats has shown trenbolone to cause gene expression of the androgen receptor at least as potent as DHT. This evidence tends to indicate trenbolone can cause an increase in male secondary sex characteristics without the need to convert to dihydrotestosterone.

Product category: Trenbolone / Parabolan
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