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Alternative names: Pregnil, Gonatropin, Ovitrelle
Packaging: 1 amp 6.500iu 250mg
Supplier: Merck Serono
Price: 81.84 USD
3x: -5% 77.75 USD
5x: -7% 76.11 USD
HCG or Ovitrelle is a medicine that contains the active substance choriogonadotropin alfa. It is available as a powder and solvent to be made up into a solution for injection and as a solution in a prefilled syringe or prefilled pen.
Alternative names: Chorionic Gonadotropin
Packaging: 1500 I.U. in 1 ml inj.
Supplier: Techpool Bio-Pharma
Price: 14.88 USD
2x: -5% 14.14 USD
3x: -7% 13.84 USD
5x: -10% 13.39 USD

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HCG is an injectable containing human chorionic gonadotropin.